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The Ouija board can often open channels to the wrong
kinds of spirits and bring horror to those who ventured
into playing the game.

As she writes her next thriller about a serial killer, the
possessed one gets into her head through telepathy to
learn what she is writing to use as a script for his life of
crime. Curt's suspicious nighttime absences make Kate
wonder where and what he is doing away from home.
Her life becomes a real nightmare.
Can Kate save herself from the horrors in her own
creativity and find her own happy ending?  
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This story reached out and caught me from page one.  Being knowledgeable about Ouija Boards, Author Jennifer Robins is right on about
how some ‘thing’ or ‘things’ can slip through and enter your world.  She does an excellent job via a story to bring a very real danger to the
forefront.  She also writes an excellent thriller, having Kate’s husband Curt missing certain nights so as to throw suspicion onto him.  I love
a who-done-it  . . . even more so when it has the smack of the Other Side in it . . and I’m not talking about Heaven.  Page by page, chapter
by chapter, the suspense builds.  Jennifer Robins is an author I am definitely going to keep tabs on.  Read An Author’s Nightmare and see
for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  More like glued to your chair!  Top Read for sure!

Reviewed by: Marianne Gibson at Between The Lines. Five stars.
Lost at the end of a desert
road, the vacationing couple
wander into a town of odd
appearances thinking it is part
of a set up for those who love a
western atmosphere. Only,
they find this town is not what
they think it is and want to get
out as soon as they can But,
the end of the road they came
from presents another shock
they never expected when they
travel away from the town.
Wishes sometimes come true, or do they?  While tuning an older woman’s piano, Carlson notices
her photo at a much earlier age and finds her enchantingly beautiful. He wishes he could have
been around when she was young so he could seduce her, make love to her. Did his wish come
true when he returned to her house the next day for his forgotten tools? He has reason to believe
it did.
Review: Jennifer Robins plants the seeds of an intriguing story and creates a atmosphere that
fodders the flames of the mystery with vivid descriptions. With more character development and
elaborating on her characters storylines, she has the makings of modern day Charlotte Bronte.
Astraea Press just in time for Halloween. Download in PDF or other formates. happens when three hunters  
venture to a cemetery possessed by a ghost who comes out on Halloween
night will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Caution: Read only in daylight.
.Nadine struggles with her love for her
husband who was killed on Christmas
Eve in a car accident two years ago and
her attraction to a man she meets just
before Christmas. She looks for a
message, a sign from her deceased Paul
to let her know she should go on with her
life and not feel guilty. An emotional love
story with a wonderful ending.  

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A college student ill with
pneumonia, high fever and
unconscious experiences his first
out of body travel (Astral-Travel
He learns to leave his body by
will to travels the astral plain
spying on his fellow class mates
and his girl friend then uses what
he sees to his advantage but it
corrupts him into deceits, crime
and murder.
Imagine being thrown back in
time. A period of time you've
only read about in books and
now you can't get back to the
present. You are forced to
wander in the midsts of the
revolutionary war with no idea
of how or when you will get
help.  Will Carl and Beth ever
get back?
First printing of Ghostly
Antiques autographed, for
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Some try to protect those
they love…even after death.
Upon moving into a restored
turn-of-the-century house,
Andrea and John discover
they aren’t the only
occupants. Not only is their
new home haunted by the
ghost of a woman, but a
demon from another
dimension who wants to
seduce the new female
Second edition is available at
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Ghostly Antiques II Story of
Psychometry and what effect it has
on a widow who buys an Antiques
store and finds there is more to
those old things she wants to sell.
Rachael didn’t know how her life would change just by looking into a
department store window at the wonderful annual Christmas display.
How was she to know that very day would be the beginning of a life
time romance? The Great Depression was a tragic time in our
countries history, but that didn’t stop Stan from courting the pretty girl
standing on the sidewalk outside the department store on a snowy
day in December, 1939.
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Coming soon.

Did Emily live another
life before this one, or
is there something
more sinister going
Release date: 6/62014